We Offer several different types of printed fabric products. ranging from artistic, abstract textured panels; to panels with images of a specific subject in a Grid; to printed block sets complete with free quilt patterns; they are all defined here with examples. Everything in the subject categories match one of these definitions.

Stallion2 web.jpg

Altered Image Panel

In these panels, the primary subject in the photograph has been isolated from the original background and layered with multiple textures and filters to create a more painterly, artistic look. Some of the backgrounds are just soft complimentary colors and others are quite abstract. This example represents the middle of that spectrum.

Single Monarch Web.jpg

Realistic Image Panel

These panels feature a photograph very close to it’s original state right out of the camera with minor enhancements. They may or may not have a complimentary frame as shown in this example. These panels are ideal for either limited or extensive thread painting.

Little Mountain Goats web.jpg

Multi-Image Grid Style Panel

These panels feature multiple images of the same subject or theme in a straightforward grid format. They may be quilted as they are, framed with additional piecing to create a larger piece, or cut apart and used as blocks to use in a larger project.

Tetons Yellowstone web.jpg

Multi-Image Collage Panel

These panels feature a number of images specific to the subject and may include a recessed photograph as the background, text and graphics great for free motion quilting as shown here or a more abstract textured background.

47X7S Hummers.JPG

Printed Quilt Block Sets

The block sets include either four, six, nine, twelve or sixteen 5”X7”, 5”X8” or 7”X7” printed blocks with 1/4” seam allowances. The blocks are packaged with a free pattern to make the quilt shown on the cover, including pattern pieces and detailed instructions. All of the vintage holiday and postcard images are only available in block sets.