Focus on Fabric is a labor of love, of both photography and sewing and finding new and creative ways to combine the two.

My mother was a very good seamstress, making most of our clothes and all our doll clothes, including those intricate Barbie formals! She was also a quilter as were all of my grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  At the time she had to leave her home, my mother still had nearly 40 quilts, most of which were hand pieced and quilted by one of her or my dad’s grandmothers.

I started sewing around the age of 8 – learning from my mother at home and through 4-H where she was the sewing leader.  After 5 years of sewing in Home Economics class at school, I majored in Textiles and Clothing in college.  There are three important lessons I learned from my mother in terms of sewing: 1. The importance of attention to detail and precision; 2. The tactile feel of good quality fabric — High thread counts never lie!  3. Love of color and how to blend, match and coordinate colors in sewing.

She also loved to take photographs, something else she definitely passed on to me.  I’ve taken that a bit further in that I seldom take photos with people in them, whereas she was all about documenting trips, family gatherings, etc.  This effort – Focus on Fabric – is my way of blending two of my favorite things together – my photography and my love of sewing and creating things.

I also like to think this effort provides an entry to the joys of sewing and quilting for the large group of people who may be intimidated by the advanced and artistic quilting ‘works of art’ we see today.  With these printed block sets, you are halfway to a very nice finished piece before you even start!  With the whole cloth panels, you are more than half way – they can be quilted as is or cut apart and pieced back together to create something entirely different.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at focusonfabric@gmail.com.